Located in northern Hyogo-prefecture, Kinosaki is surrounded with the richness of nature.Tsubakino, with its pure classical Japanese exterior and interior architecture, has been welcoming visitors and admirers for over 90 years.
It is also called the "Gallery Ryokan" for the original artwork displayed throughout the main and annex buildings.
This gem of a ryokan is conveniently located within walking distance to many of Kinosaki's attractions. Located just around the corner from the inn is "Jizo-no-yu", one of the seven public open-air bath houses.
From Kansai Airport:
By train 3.5 hours
By Bus 4.5 hours
By car 4 hours
More access informations here


The main building and the annex are set a short distance away from the bustle of the main street and are connected by an underground passage. The purely Japanese architecture of the rooms have a quiet and zen like atmosphere leaving guests feeling fully relaxed.
Annex: Traditional japanese - Japanese western
The annex building features japanese style rooms with private toilet (equipped with an electronic bidet, "washlet" ) and a sink. The rooms look out onto a Japanese garden for an even more traditional feel.
There are also japanese western rooms with twin beds.
Main building: Traditional japanese
“Washitsu”, or traditional japanese style rooms do not include private toilet; they are all tatami rooms.They feature sliding doors and futon, some architectural or interior points that you cannot find overseas.
The portraits of kind smiling stone Ksitigarbha (a bodhisattva who looks over travelers and children)drawn by the late in master - with the hope that all who saw the portraits would find solace and be uplifted from any trouble they may have- decorate various parts of the building and rooms.


“Onsen” are the country’s hot spring and the bathing facilities, traditional inns around them. They come from the many volcanoes scaterred throughout the country. Hot water, mineral water and water vapor gushing from underground define them. Perfect for relaxing and healing, we recommend both private and public baths for a complete Tsubakino experience.
Private baths
The first of its kind in Kinosaki, micro sized bubbles fill the bath giving it a milky color. The oxygen rich bubbles sweep down into the pores, pushing out any dirt and oil, leaving the skin feeling smooth and velvety. A very popular choice with our female guests wishing to feel a little extra pampered.
The other private bath with an open air wood deck allows refreshing breeze in and has a view onto Higashiyama park. You can appreciate the warmth of this japanese style bath as the hot spring water brings out the delicate fragrance of the Japanese cypress.
Both private baths need reservation in advance.
Public baths
Located within Tsubakino are two japanese style hot spring baths. The first one is called "Chyoraku" and has an open-air bath with jacuzzi.
The second one, "Kouchyou", has a wooden bath made of Japanese cypress and has a view on a small Japanese garden.The baths are separated, one bath for men and the other for women.
The bath assignments switch in the morning.
Reserving the Baths
The baths are open from 3pm-11:30pm and 6:30am-9:30am.
-Each bath is reservable for an alloted 45 minutes.
-Guests can also rent bathrobes to use in the private baths.
(Bathrobe rental-550JPY/person)
Reservation Fees
On the day: 3,300JPY/45min
Advanced Online Reservations: 2,200JPY/45min
There is an obligated hot spring tax of 360JPY/adult (onsen tax 150JPY/ onsen use fee 210JPY ) and 105JPY/ child.
Reservations can be made via Kinosaki Inn Concierge (English reservations available through the above link )
3:30pm - 4:15pm 4:30pm - 5:15pm 5:30pm - 6:15pm
3:30pm - 4:15pm 4:30pm - 5:15pm 5:30pm - 6:15pm


With tall mountains on one side and Maruyama River flowing out into the nearby Sea of Japan on the other, Kinosaki is surrounded by nature. The generous environment provide our chefs with an abundance of fresh natural ingredients all locally grown, raised and caught from the rolling hills and farmlands to the sea that they proudly serve in culinary dishes. Each meal is composed of traditional Japanese dishes with an original flare.
Crab, fish, and shrimp are just a few seafood items that are caught fresh in the nearby fishing port of Tsuiyama. In winter, top brand crab, such as Tsuiyama Crab and Snow Crab, are a popular menu item.
Tajima Beef
Tajima beef cattle are raised in an environment rich with clean air and water. Tajima beef is awarded the highest grade amongst japanese beef cattle: the famous Matsuzaka Beef, Kobe Beef and Omi Beef come from Tajima Beef.


Kinosaki is known as the "Town well suited by yukata". Tsubakino offers the ladies a chance to experience this first handed and have the opportunity to dive into Japanese culture.
Yukata rental
There are over 200 differently colored and patterned yukata (summer cotton kimono)to choose from. Once you have chosen one, feel free to ask our staff to assist you in putting it on. Now you are ready to explore the hot spring town in traditional fashion. Don't forget to slip on a pair of geta! (japanese wooden sandals; yukata rental is 1100JPY/yukata )
Your very own original postcard
In the main building behind the gift store is a corner where guests can make their own original post cards, a great way to record and share your travels with family and friends. Wouldn't it be fun to send you family and friends a personal post card of your travels?


Check In
Check Out
Max capacity
90 persons
Room types
20 Japanese style rooms
Banquet Hall
Bath facilities
2 private open-air baths (reservations required), 1 male only communal bath, 1 female only communal bath
Free parking for up to 16 cars
Shuttle service
Shuttle service availble at Kinosaki Tourism Center ( next to the station )
yukata*(kimono bathrobe), bath towel, hand towel, toothbrush, hair dryer(in communal baths), face lotion, razor.

*We offer free passes with unlimited usage to the seven open-air public bath houses in Kinosaki Hot Springs to all of our guests staying with us.
**There is an obligated hot spring tax of 360JPY that will be automatically charged to your stay.

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